Susan Bunn


Susan is a professional artist and graphic designer based in Wimbledon, London, specialising in landscapes with an abstract quality. While studying at Putney School of Art she discovered a love of oil, which is now her main medium. This has led her to explore the use of pigments to make oil paints from scratch.  

" In the last couple of years, alongside the oil I have taken to working in acrylic paint using gold and silver leaf.   I am fascinated by the interplay of light and colour and the way they evoke mood and emotion. Over the course of the day and season, light changes; I try to add elements into my paintings to capture this change, using pigments, gold and silver leaf.  When light catches the silver or gold leaf, these areas reflect, giving another element to the image.  Again, with pigments there is more interaction with light and texture especially with the ultramarine blue, which almost has a velvet texture. "

Susan has been exhibited at many commercial galleries in and around London. In 2016 her work ‘Wilderness Dream’ was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.